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Finding A Good CrossFit Gym in West Singapore

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I have thought about starting to take CrossFit training from a personal trainer when I started hitting my twenties. I have my own reservations about entering gyms in the west of Singapore or any gym for that matter, but I guess here we are. So far, I am enjoying CrossFit, and I see great results!


I have always been secured about my body because I rarely get sick. I also have deemed myself lucky because I have a fast metabolism. This is why I have always had a slender figure in my teens. Exercising to lose weight never seemed to cross my mind, though I really have very low stamina. When I started hitting my twenties, and my life starting to revolve on my workspace, I noticed that my mobility started to become more limited. I also noticed certain unwanted fat on my hips, legs, and underarms. More importantly, I just found out that I am on the verge of having diabetes. This has been a wakeup call for me to now start hitting the gym, seek a personal trainer, and do a few workout routines, probably CrossFit training.


I scoured the entire west of Singapore for a reliable gym offering personal CrossFit training, and I have found this CrossFit gym called Set Free CrossFit. They offer personal CrossFit training in Singapore for people like me who think of wanting to start a healthier living.


Doing CrossFit training from Set Free CrossFit is actually quite fun. The services they provide you in giving you an optimal workout experience are superb. They have this free trial where you can check out if CrossFit is actually doing its wonders to you. Aside from this, here are other things that I liked about Set Free CrossFit:



I have always assumed that gyms are composed of smelly mats with very humid air. However, Set Free CrossFit really has great facilities. They have a 3335 sq. ft training ground with 6m ceiling height. Set Free CrossFit offers a very spacious room for you to do your training, and stay fit. The place is also air conditioned, so you will really be comfortable.



I did not suffer at all from ugly, and defective CrossFit equipment, because Set Free CrossFit has a great set of equipment that would help you in doing CrossFit. They are fully Eleiko-equipped with pieces that have a comprehensive range of strength.



Set Free CrossFit is also very accessible from my place here in west Singapore. I no longer have to travel long before I could get my daily exercise routine.



Set Free CrossFit has great schedules that certainly fit the lifestyle of a working girl, like me. They are open early in the morning, and during the evening on weekdays, and Saturdays.


Here are just some of the things that I liked about Set Free CrossFit. They really offer great service, and made exercising fun for me. If you are thinking of wanting to stay fit by doing CrossFit, Set Free CrossFit might just be the right gym for you.

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