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Common Physiotherapy Equipment in Clinics

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Investing in physiotherapy equipment can be too costly for clinics which are just starting out. But there are various ways for physical therapy clinics to avoid breaking the bank when purchasing from physiotherapy equipment suppliers in Singapore.

Advanced Physiotherapy Equipment

Investing one or two advanced Physiotherapy Equipment like a therapeutic ultrasound equipment and a Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) equipment. These machines are enough for physical therapy clinics thrive in the medical industry. Therapeutic ultrasound equipment can help in tracking down what specific bone or muscle got damaged, and it aids in healing injuries and sprains through its ultrasonic technology. Meanwhile, physiotherapy lasers such as the Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) equipment is a pain-relief laser which helps heal injuries through a non-invasive procedure. The light from the laser penetrated through the skin in order to promote healing of damaged tissues.

In physical therapy business, clinics do not have to fill their facility with a lot of advanced physiotherapy equipment in order to succeed in the medical industry. Having these two cutting-edge Physiotherapy Equipment as the main apparatus in clinics can attract patients and potential customers.

Common Essential Physiotherapy Equipment

The apparatuses that are going to be mentioned here are one of the essential physiotherapy equipment that must be present in every physical therapy clinic.

  • Treatment tables

It is important for clinics to have something to lie on during physical examinations so that doctors can provide an accurate diagnosis. Treatment tables should be sturdy enough to support the patient, and it should also provide comfort because patients are most likely in pain due to their injuries.

  • Isokinetic Devices

Isokinetic devices such as TheraBand tubes and resistance bands are perfect for patients who are muscle atrophy due to the lack of activity of a particular injured arm or leg. Muscle mass can significantly decrease during the healing times of an injury because the movement is restricted to help injuries heal faster. Isokinetic devices can help injured patients perform exercises without causing too much strain on the injured area.

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation devices are just like isokinetic devices because it helps bring back basic tone and strength in muscles. This is important during the early stages of therapy because it provides the stimulation in weakened muscles which cannot perform any movements anymore.

  • Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are not just useful in gyms, it is also handy in physical therapy clinics. Aside from building stamina and strength in legs, exercise bikes aid in the fast recovery of leg, foot and ankle injuries. It is better to invest in advanced exercise bikes to keep track of the fitness level of a patient. This helps physical therapists monitor their improvements, and they can adjust the workout levels for a faster healing process.

For clinics looking for quality physiotherapy equipment in Singapore, check out Aglow Aesthetics. They have quality physiotherapy lasers like pain relief lasers to help physical therapy clinics provide the best care and treatment for their patients.

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